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Cognitive Reappraisal Training 
Courtesy of the Center for Healthy Minds (www.centerhealthyminds.org)
Cognitive Reappraisal Training has been demonstrated to be effective in treating a number of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and poor impulse control disorders.  The training programme helps to re-train the brain's immediate response to previously difficult emotional situations to react in healthier way.  As part of their on-going studies into effective mindful responses to mental health issues, the Center for Healthy Minds research teams based at the University of Wisconsin - Madison have made their Cognitive Reappraisal Training programme available for free.  This includes an MP3 audio recording and an accompanying worksheet.  You will need to print this worksheet and complete with a pen or pencil.
To listen to or download the MP3 audio instructions, click here.
To download the worksheet click here.
I am very grateful to the Center for Healthy Minds for permission to share these links.  To read more about their fascinating and ground breaking research, click here.