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Compassion Training 
Courtesy of the Center for Healthy Minds (www.centerhealthyminds.org)
Compassion Training has been demonstrated to be highly effective in developing practitioners ability to to work with clients pain and discomfort whilst remaining emotionally whole and focused.  When confronting difficult cases such as trauma, child protection or emotional issues close to our own hearts, it is all to easy to become drawn into the clients situation.  This can result in the clients pain becoming our pain. 
Besides increasing burn out rates in workers, this emotional engagement can make us less effective in the work we do.  Research demonstrates that high levels of empathy can interfere with understanding the client's needs.  Furthermore, we may become more compelled to provide unhelpful and immediate solutions to clients because we feel their discomfort.  
Based on the Center for Healthy Minds research, Compassion Training has demonstrated that daily practice of Compassion Training for two weeks can:
  • Increase the practitioners ability to sit with difficult emotional situations
  • Help practitioners focus on the clients pain without becoming distressed themselves
  • Alter neural responses in the practitioners brain to re-shape their empathetic style at a cognitive level 
To listen to or download the MP3 audio instructions for Compassion Training, sign up for the new tool by clicking here.
I am very grateful to the Center for Healthy Minds for permission to share these links.  To read more about their fascinating and ground breaking research, click here.