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Personality Disorder

In training and lectures I am often asked for more information on Personality Disorders.  Whilst mental illness represents a change in baseline functioning, personality disorder is the baseline functioning of the individual. As such, whilst mental illness may be corrected through treatment (medical or psycho-social), personality disorders represent a very different theraputic challenge.   Please find a number of useful reference materials on personality disorder.  Please note, the ICD 10 and DSM diagnosis differ.  Information is presented on both classifications here.

The ICD 10 International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) Armand W. Loranger,. Aleksandar Janca, Norman Sartorius (1997) 

Synopsis of Causation: Personality Disorder. Dr David M B Christmas (2007)

Understanding Personality Disorder:  MIND

Personality Disorders and Substance Use

Working with personality disordered offenders:  A practitioners guide.  Ministry of Justice (2011)

Personality Disorder: No longer a diagnosis of exclusion. National Institute for Mental Health in England (2003)15


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