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LSD Making a Comeback-With a Twist

LSD is making a comeback with a difference. There is a new trend developing for taking low dose LSD among professionals to make them more creative and concentrate more in the work place. These low doses are not enough to induce hallucinations but are sufficient to influence the users thinking. Dr James Fadiman, the author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, said the typical microdoser is an "übersmart twentysomething" who wants to use it to be more productive. The cultural meaning of the drug has change from a short cut to spiritual awakening to getting an edge in improving ones sales figures in the corporate world.

This appears to be part of a new trend in use of drugs in the wider population. For example, many journals have reported a huge surge in the use of cannabis in the Baby Boomers in their late forties to early sixties. Some are rediscovering the drug from their youth whilst others feel the social stigma has changed and use is now normal. Cannabis is seen as an socially acceptable alternative to alcohol to relax. These may be marking a trend where the use of illicit drugs is now mainstreaming into much broader populations.


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