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I provide a wide range of consultancy to improve service performance, cost effectiveness and outcomes. This has included:
  • Multi-county treatment system design and implementation
  • National service models 
  • Service development
  • Design of bespoke clinical tools
  • Good practice reviews and recommendations  
In terms of treatment design and development, I combine a deep understanding of what works in treatment with the latest research findings to create highly innovative services that show some of the highest outcome rates in the UK.  This can be combined with training and coaching to support the implementation of new systems along with research evaluations.  I have provided a broad range of consultancy services to stake holders including:
  • Commissioning Teams
  • Local Governments
  • National Governments
  • Health Boards
  • Professional Bodies
  • Corporations
  • Community Action Groups
  • Service User Groups
A number of large scale Consultancy Reports are included here as examples of my work and for general interest.  Please contact me with any specific consultation requirements.
Problem Alcohol Use and Its Treatment: A Briefing Paper. Phil Harris.
Integrated Treatment Systems: A Proposed Treatment System.  Phil Harris
Innovation in Alcohol Treatment. Phil Harris
Young People & Substance Misuse. Phil Harris
Examples of Consultancy Projects
  • Design of Tough Choices Treatment Progam for Prolific Offenders, Thames Valley
  • Design of Treatment Services, Implementation and evaluation of Concerned Other Services, Gwent
  • Design and Support for Tier Two Drug Services, Carmarthen
  • Design and Support of Alcohol Services, Carmarthen
  • Design of Community Drug and Alcohol Services, Dyfed
  • Design, Implementation and Support for Reversed Stepped Care Prescribing System, Turning Point
  • Design and Support for Young People's Services, Dyfed
  • Design and Support for Adult, Family and Young People's Services, Powys
  • Reconfiguration, Implementation and Support of Young People's Services, Cornwall
  • Reconfiguration and Support of Young People's Services, Somerset
  • Design and Support for Concerned Other Services, Bradford
  • Design and support for Concerned Other Services, Oxford
  • Design of Residential Rehabilitation Programme for young people with Complex Needs, Cornwall
  • Development of inpatient Detox unit for people with complex needs, Cornwall
  • Adviser on complex needs, Cornwall
  • Development of the 360 Degree PIE framework for South Wales
Technology Transfer:  How Organisations Change
Reseach has found that less than 5% of planned organisational change results in changing how practitioners interact with clients.  The vast majority of organisational change results in either the agency adopting a change in language or a change in paperwork.  This becomes a critical challenge in an age of commissioning cycles that are supposed to enhance service outcomes.  Study of effective organisational change is called Technology Transfer.  Some key research studies and manuals that shape my consultancy approach are included here: 
Implementation Research: A Synthesis of the Literature Dean L. Fixsen Sandra F. Naoom Karen A. Blase Robert M. Friedman Frances Wallace.
The Change Book. Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network.
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