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Research strongly suggests that refreshing knowledge post-training can significantly increase memory retention and boost learning.  So these free E-Learning resources have been included to:
  • Refresh learning for those who have attended my courses
  • Help those considering attending a course whether the material will be helpful and informative
  • Benchmark learning for those who wish to take pre- and post training scores to measure their learning
  • Just for fun
There are also a wide variety of resources that are linked to other sites that offer complete training programmes for free.
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Addiction, Dependence & Recovery

Take a quiz covering issues on drug and alcohol problems, the differences between addiction and dependence as well factors that influence intoxication.  Plus Pill Identification resources.


Adolescent Development

Review critical issues in adolescent development with this quiz.   

Cognitive Reappraisal Training

Many highly emotional responses to situations are driven by the brains immediate responses to them.   Cognitive Reappraisal Training is a researched and proven technique to re-train the brain's reactions to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and poor impulse control.  Re-train your responses here. 

Compassion Training

Too much empathy for other peoples pain can lead to burn out, anxiety and leaping into solutions for clients that are struggling.  Compassion training can re-shape how the brain responds to others suffering.  This audio programme will support practitioners to increase their compassion, presence and ability to remain with clients who are struggling to processes painful reactions. 

Controlled Drinking Skills

Many problem drinkers and young people seek to control rather than abstain from alcohol use.  This quiz explores critical issues and techniques in evidence based controlled drinking programmes. 

Dual Diagnosis

Review theory, approaches and techniques to supporting clients with complex needs.


Plus links to the Progress free Dual Diagnosis eLearning modules with certificate award on completion. 

Motivational Interviewing

A wide range of E-Learning including quizzes, Hangman and a Reflective Listening Test.  Plus, access Motivational Interviewing Patient Simulator.  Here you can practice MI in real time and get detailed feedback on your use of one of the worlds leading interventions. 

Personality & Personality Disorder

Free personality traits assessment including

  • Measure Your Big Five Traits

  • PD Screener

  • Dark Triad Assessment

  • Dark Core Assessment 

  • E Learning on Borderline 


Practical Management of PTSD

If you have done the course in ACE's or Practical Management of Trauma, please click here for the Trauma Quiz.


Plus self-help instructions and free Tetris game to overcome trauma memories quickly. 

Solution Focused 


Review key terms, concepts and techniques in the leading approach in positive psychology. 

Recovery & Relapse Prevention

Test your knowledge of the processes, approach and techniques to support recovery and relapse prevention with this quiz.