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Psychologically Informed Environments
Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) is a service improvement model based on best practices drawn primarily from the homeless sector.  It offers five broad guiding principles to help Housing Services define their understanding of clients psychological drivers, foster positive relationships, shape environments to influence behaviours, provide ongoing support to staff and evaluate outcomes.  PIE does not specify what frameworks, models or methods should be adopted, but supports agencies develop their own approach based on their values, client needs and local commissioning landscapes.
I have supported a wide number of agencies to evolve their own unique PIE framework or re-configured their existing services toward a specific framework.  This has included:
  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Providers
  • Mental Health Services
  • Community Outreach
Reflective Practice
I offer a range of services to support practitioners and managers in developing their professional potential within the context of Psychologically Informed approaches.   Reflective Practice focuses on staff teams reflecting on actual  work experiences.  As such, it is concerned with evaluating what you actually do in daily practice. It is linked to the concept of learning from direct experience, reflecting upon what occurred, how you responded and deciding what you would do differently next time.  I have delivered Reflective Practice services to a wide range of teams including:
  • Floating Support
  • Managers
  • Health Services
  • Supported Accommodation
  • Drug & Alcohol Services
  • Personality Disorder
  • Palliative and End of Life care
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Housing-based mental health teams
  • Local Authority Housing Services
Contact me directly if you are interested in professional support services.

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