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Reflective Practice, Supervision and Coaching
I offer a range of services to support practitioners and managers in developing their professional potential.  This includes Reflective Practice, Clinical Supervision and Coaching. There is considerable overlap between these approaches, particularly as they share a common goal in promoting effective practices.  However, there are also some important differences:
Reflective Practice: This approach focuses on thinking about or reflecting on actual  work experiences.  As such, it is concerned with evaluating what you actually do in daily practice. It is  linked to the concept of learning from direct experience, reflecting upon what occurred, how you responded and deciding what you would do differently next time.  Whilst widely adopted in the field of Social Work, the approach is now being used more widely.  It has become a central element of Psychologically Informed Environments within the Supported Housing Sector, where workers are often supporting very complex cases.  It is often delivered in team or group settings.
Clinical Supervision:  This approach supports practitioners or managers to develop skills, competencies and confidence in their professional capacity.  Whilst it provides a supportive and reflective space to emotionally support participants, it also focuses on the direct application of therapeutic skills.  This may be a focus on particular techniques or models and / or wider therapeutic influences such as the alliance, paralleled processes and emotional engagement.  Novice practitioners often benefit from a Supervisor versed in the same approach as they are using whilst more experienced practitioners often benefit from a Supervisor who is versed in a different model.  As such, Supervision may be more directive in making suggestions, offering clinical direction and offering detailed feedback to the practitioner.  The approach has largely been developed with in psychotherapy and clinical psychology settings. 
Coaching:  Coaching provides the support and guidance to assist practitioners or managers achieve a specific goal.  This may include the mastery or a particular therapeutic skills or approach or managing their role in the workplace more effectively.  It is often linked with post-training support to assist the embedding of new practices.  As such, Coaching tends to be more goal orientated, though coupled with many elements of other support relationships.  Developed originally in the Sports Sector, the Coach usually has achieved a high level of competency in the target area but this is not always seen as necessary.  Coaching is now seen as a core component of a Positive Psychology approach which focuses more heavily on skills, resources and aspirations of an individual rather than past experiences.
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Research on Professional Development
Scant research has been conducted on how practitioners improve thier outcomes over time.  An overview of the psychotherapist development research can be downloaded here:  
An Empirically Grounded Theory of Psychotherapist Development David E. Orlinsky University of Chicago  
Presented to the Norwegian Psychological Association Congress in Oslo on September 5, 2014.
A great book on the largest study of worker development over their proffesional careers can be found here:

How Psychotherapists Develop: A Study of Therapeutic Work and Professional Growth by David E. Orlinsky & M. Helge Ronnestad (2005)

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