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Lectures & Podcasts

Midnight Lecture Series

Due to significant time restraints, I have produced some PowerPoint lectures for a range of organisations on a variety of topics.  The only quiet time to record these lectures is late in the evenings.  So I thought I would share these lectures to a wider audience of those who may be interested.  If they prove helpful, I will add to them in the coming months.  

Young People, Complexity & Substance Misuse
Young people are not adults.  However, it has been very difficult for services to articulate the difference between adult and young peoples substance use.  This lecture explores some of the critical differences and what it means for treatment.  It explains how I have designed the design of young people substance service that has led to a tripling of outcomes for the most vulnerable  group, presenting for professional help.

Addiction, Dependence & Recovery
What shapes intoxication?  How do substance use problems evolve over time?  What is a substance misuse problem and what does it mean for treatment?  This lecture shares the research on these key areas, offering clear insight into the presenting challenges of substance misuse, how effective treatment is configured and what does recovery look like for those seeking professional help.


Podcasts with be Forthcoming

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