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I have carried out a number of research studies in the field of substance misuse and mental health. These include:
  • Service and treatment system evaluations
  • Literature reviews
  • Desktop reviews
  • Needs analysis
  • Guidance papers
  • Training strategies  
This work is often linked to the continued development of services I have designed.  Here are some samples of treatment evaluation studies I have undertaken.  Please contact me to discuss any research or evaluation needs.
Changes in social policy now require greater focus on measuring client outcomes. However, outcome tools are not well understood.  This has led to the adoption of many clinical tools that are not validated.  Without validation, the data these tools produce is highly questionable. As commissioning decisions are often made on this information, getting accurate data is vital.  Here is a brief guide to outcome tools and the validation process. 
Outcome Tools: A Brief Guide on Measuring Outcomes. Phil Harris.
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