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Useful Links
Alcohol Information, Prevalence & Policy
UK Health Recommendations and Guidance on Alcohol NICE
UK Alcohol Policy and News Alcohol Concern
UK Alcohol Policy Alcohol Policy UK
European alcohol patterns ESPAD
Index of UK telephone helpline numbers Supportline
Drugs Information, Prevalence & Policy
Where to find help, advice and information in the UK Talk to FRANK
US research studies NIDA
Detailed info on psychoactive substances Erowid
European drug use data EMCDDA
Early warning on new psychoactive substances UNODC
Information on drugs, tobacco and alcohol Drugwise
An excellent downloadable self-help manual for concerned others I helped develop is available from here for free Drugaid 
Jan Ligon's Six Step Guide Six Steps
A great web site dedicated to research on families needs AFINet
UK policy and support for families affected by a loved ones use Adfam
Scottish family support services SFAD
Families Anonymous Famanon
A range of information for supporting families with a loved one in prison Families Outside
Young People
Fantastic research based web site on issues for children and young people's development Child Trends
Learn more about the long term impact of Averse Childhood Experience (ACE) by reading multiple studies at ACE
Martin Calder, UK's leading authority on sexual abuse, assessment and social services interventions Calder Training and Consultancy
UK Public Health Policy and Recommendations NTA
Wide range of advice and information Health Talk
Services, publications and research in the UK Barnardos
NIDA for Teens NIDA
Assessment Tools
Free assessment tools for young people and families American Academy of Paediatrics
Wide range of free adult assessment tools Clinical Assessments
NIDA free drug screening and assessment tools NIDA
Database of free clinical assessment tools for substance abuse ADAI
Assessment of mental health in young people APA
Wide range of mental health assessment tools for young people Teen Mental Health
Huge database of mental health assessment for adults and young people APA
General Issues
Film interviews with leading British researchers on alcohol and drug issues and treatment FEAD
The relationship between alcohol and violence by leading researcher Robin Room
Addiction as a cultural issue by Stanton Peele
A vast range of information on treatment elements KAPS
Fantastic website on the history of drug and alcohol use Points
Detailed information on prescribing and psycho-social interventions for opiate use MAT
Inspiring stories of recovery from substance misuse WIRED IN
US resources and research on mental health NIMH
Free online UK substance misuse magazine DDN
Data base of research articles on treatment in substance misuse Findings
Lobby group for substance misuse services Collective Voice
Free online magazine with a focus on recovery Intervene
Drug legalisation organisation Transform
Advice on the law and drugs Release
Motivational Interviewing Resources MI
Centre for excellence in dual diagnosis publications and research SAMHSA
American Society of Addiction Medicine ASAM
What really matters in treatment outcomes Scott Miller
Self Help
Dr Bryan knight shares self-help hypnosis strategies for a range of problems here.
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