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 Controlled Drinking Interactive


0.00-0.02   BAC levels under 0.02 would indicate no obvious side effects of alcohol consumption.

0.02-0.04   You are showing signs of slight euphoria, relaxation and reduced shyness - but no lack of co-ordination or attention.

0.04-0.06Your alcohol level may cause exaggerated behaviour, impairment of judgement and reduced memory. Sensations of warmth and relaxation are likely at this point.

0.06-0.10   Slight impairment of speech, balance, vision and reaction time. At this point your judgement of self-control and reasoning is reduced.

0.10-0.13   You will experience significant impairment of motor coordination and lack of judgement. Your reaction time, balance & hearing will be impaired - as well as slurred speech.

0.13-0.16   You’ll experience major motor impairment and lack of physical control, with blurred vision and significant loss of balance.

0.16-00.20  Nausea will likely take effect at this point. The drinker will likely have the appearance of a sloppy drunk.

0.20-0.25  You may experience total mental confusion and need assistance with walking. Blackouts are possible alongside nausea and vomiting.

0.25-0.4   During this level of intoxication, you will likely suffer alcohol poisoning and potentially lose consciousness.

0.4-Above  At this BAC level you may fall into a coma, or possible death due to respiratory arrest. This is a potentially fatal level of alcohol intake.

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