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Controlled Drinking Skills

The area of controlled drinking has been the most heavily scrutinized treatment approach in the addictions field through extensive research studies.  The majority of clients seeking help for alcohol related problems primarily seek controlled drinking as a treatment goal.  This goal is most likely to be achieved for clients who are experiencing social complications from their drinking rather than physical dependence. This course offers participants a complete skills set from assessment to completion in a structure drinking treatment programme that is supported by considerable clinical evidence.


The course will teach participants how to assess for suitability for controlled drinking, set clear drinking goals and offer a wide range of moderation skills to support clients to stay within the optimal window of alcohol consumption.  Addition skills are taught to address typical reasons for over-drinking alongside more specialised interventions for complex overdrinking.  


Who is This Course For? 


This course will be very helpful to a wide range of professionals whose work brings them into contact with concerned or problem drinkers.  This includes substance misuse workers, health professional and those working with older populations.  As young people are more likely to drop out of abstinence based services, controlled drinking can be a very helpful strategy in supporting young people to make considerable lifestyle change.


Method of Delivery


The training course is highly interactive, even during presentations. It uses a wide variety of learning approaches including presentations, pairs and small group work exercises and self-assessment.The course is also supported with free e-learning and further resources to re-cap, review and refresh learning.The training pack can be amended to be a treatment manual.

Also Available to be Delivered Online?


Yes, Zoom based integration

Course Length

1 or 2 day course (9.30-4.30)

Max Number of Attendees 



Resources Required

Flipchart stand & paper

Any seating arrangment

Course Aims & Objectives

The course  will equip workers to provide effective and structured interventions to support controlled drinking.


By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:

  • Assess the clients suitability for Behaviour Control Training

  • Establish drinking goals and moderate drinking skills

  • Review and respond to the triggers to over-drinking

  • Provide more in-depth support where underlying problems influence over-drinking

  • Evaluate client progress and the necessity of abstinence where indicated



"Clarification around units and BAC levels. Specific, really realistic techniques for reducing drinking and managing triggers. Really comprehensive workbook and training style. Fantastic and really relevant and applicable."

Community Support Worker

"All the information was useful and very informative - the tips provided and worksheet are great and will be used with my clients."

Substance Misuse Specialist

"Everything, but particularly sleep hygiene information. I also liked the practical tools to help clients understand what happens in their bodies when they consume different amounts of alcohol. Very useful training yet again!! Incredibly relevant and useful!"
Substance Misuse Specialist

"All of it! I particularly found looking at BAC useful, and hope to implement it in my practice. Very useful session - allowed me to feel more confident assessing suitability for alcohol treatment, particularly controlled drinking."
Substance Misuse Specialist

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