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 Dual Diagnosis Interactive
Free Certified eLearning by Progress
Progress are a consortium of consultant nurses who work in the area of drugs, alcohol and dual diagnosis. In 2010, The National Dual Diagnosis Programme (National Mental Health Development Unit, Department of Health), commissioned Progress and Coventry University to develop an innovative online awareness raising resource on dual diagnosis.
There are four modules:
1. Introduction to dual diagnosis including definitions, impact and attitudes 
2. Mental health awareness and how it impacts on drug/alcohol use 
3. Substance use awareness and how it impacts on mental health 
4. Skills and interventions focusing on the process of change and what helps
These four video modules are followed by quizzes and certificates are awarded by email.
To access the free eLearning click here or click the image below. 
Left click the Flash icon if the page does not automatically upload and use the arrow keys to scroll through the menus.
    Please note that your certificate will automatically download in the bottom left corner of your screen.
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