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Motivational Interviewing
If you have completed the Motivational Interviewing course, please play the following Multiple Choice Quiz to refresh the learning or complete the Hang Man game to identify key Motivational Interviewing phrases.  
The Reflective Listening Scenario Game involves a client who is recovering from a heart attack.  Pick the reflective listening statement in response to each of their concerns.  Some errors can be 'rescued' whilst others cannot. 
Access to the National Institute of Drug Abuse free patient simulators.
A name and an e-mail address is required by the software to play. You can use any name, or just clip and paste Joe Bloggs at jo.bloggs@blog.net in the game if you wish. These details are only recorded in the game's log history file.  This is only used for statistical analysis of average scores. 
Free Motivational Interviewing Patient Simulators

The US National Institute of Drug Abuse have developed a number of patient simulations in which you can practice your Motivational Interviewing skills.  You can chose your gender and work with either a heart patient and / or a young person using cannabis.  Interact by selecting responses to their concerns which either call upon  Motivational Interviewing or not, then observe and respond to their reactions.  At the end of the session, a detailed feedback sheet will reveal the different strengths and weakness of your interviewing style, and give you opportunity to refine and develop the skills.  Click here or on the picture below to access the games.  Registration is required on the National Institute page to play the games.