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Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE)

Psychologically Informed Environments are re-shaping how housing services operate, especially in their capacity to manage complex needs.  This includes understanding the psychological drivers of behaviour, especially that sourced n complexity, in homelessness populations. This course introduces the 5 key guiding principles of the PIE approach and supports teams to reflect on how these principles might re-shape their services to improve support offered to homeless clients.   This includes clear definitions of concepts like "psychological frameworks", "elastic tolerance" and how working relationships shape outcomes.  Based on a compassionate service improvement approach, it fosters client consultation and self-evaluation to progress the development of services.

Who is This Course For?


This course will be very helpful to a wide range of housing services who support people with complex needs and wish to develop their service from a more psychological perspective. 

Method of Delivery

The training course is highly interactive, even during presentations. It uses a wide variety of learning approaches including presentations, pairs and small group work exercises and self-assessment.  The course is also supported with free e-learning and further resources to re-cap, review and refresh learning. 

Also Available to be Delivered Online?


Yes, Zoom based integration

Length of Course

1 or 2 day (9.30-4.30)

Max Number of Attendees 



Resources Required

Flipchart stand & paper

Any seating arrangement

Course Aims and Objectives:


To introduce the five core principles that underpin the Psychological Informed Environments approach and consider how it is, or could be, further developed within services. 


By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to:   


  • Explore the 5 principles that underpin the Psychologically Informed Approach

  • Evaluate whether Psychological Informed Approaches are currently in operation across the Service

  • Make suggestions for further development and implementation of the Psychologically Informed Approach


"Really excellent-brought PIE to life and gained so much psychological insight."

Tendering Officer

"It was useful understanding how the brain works and how trauma effects the brain.  I thought the training was brilliant and would love the rest of my team to attend as I believe they would greatly benefit."

Mental Health Housing Manager


Housing Support Worker


"Understanding how the brain works and this affects how people react and why."

Mental Health Housing Worker

"Fantastic-extremely interesting."

Recovery Navigator


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