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Reduce Intrusive Memories Quickly
Research with severe PTSD clients has show that playing Tetris can help reduce the frequency and intensity of of both intrusive memories and anxiety.  Every time we recall a memory the brain has to re-write this memory in a process called memory consolidation.  At the same time, the brain can only process a limited amount of information at any one time.  Playing Tetris makes a high demand of brain processing.  This overloads the brain, interrupting its ability to re-write recently recalled memories.
Research shows that playing Tetris for 35 minutes within 6 hours of a flashback or intrusive memory can reduce the intensity of flashbacks, even severe trauma memories.  If you would like to control your intrusive memories in advance, follow this simple procedure:
1. Select a memory you would like to reduce.  Chose the least emotionally intense one first.
2. Write down the intrusive memory on a blank piece of paper.
3. Without showing anyone what you have written, tear the piece of paper up into small pieces.
3. Now play Tetris uninterrupted for 25 minutes. 
5. The following day, chose a more challenging memory and repeat the same process.
To read some background research on Tetris and Trauma, click here.  
Press "Enter" on your keyboard to play Tetris for free.  Desktop version only. 
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