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Relapse Prevention & Recovery
Working Memory Test
Working Memory Tests such as the Digit Span Memory test have been shown to increase activity in the memory processing region of the brain.  30 minutes daily practice can increase the performance of the memory system.  It is believed that this trains the short term memory to hold multiple sources of information.   As a result, it can hold multiple goals at once.  For example, the craving for food and diet goals, the craving for alcohol and desire to rebuild a marriage.   This compromises the system, reducing cravings to drugs, alcohol, nicotine and food (click here for research study).  Click the image below for free access to a Digit Span Test and play on a daily basis.
Corsi Task
The Corsi Task is another working memory test that has been linked to reductions in cravings.  Click the image below for free access to Corsi Task and play on a daily basis.
Go / No Go Task
The Go / No Go Task is a game of impulse control.  This game test how well you can supress an impulse.  As such it has been found to be helpful in improving poor impulse control, which is particularly important in recovery from some patterns of drug and alcohol use as well as wider impulse based behaviours.  To play the game click the image below.  Play it on a regular basis to improve all impulse control.   
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