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Working with Personality Disorder

About the Course:  This course offers participants to understand the key concepts and skills in working with personality disorder.  This training helps understand personality development from both the nature and nurture elements of the debate.  It explains the central differences between mental illness and personality disorder, the major sub-groups of personality disorder key issues in the diagnostic framework.  Critical defence mechanisms are explored and the impact that this can have on staff working with this client group.


The programme then explores the use of relationships as the central driver of change for this group and how we can preserve working alliances with clients in what are at times psychologically intolerable pressures.  In addition to this it looks at practical skills and intervention that can support the person with the personality disorder to make change and increase their capacity to manage distress.


Who is This Course For?:  This course will be very helpful to a wide range of professionals whose work brings them into contact with clients with complex needs.  This includes housing teams, Criminal Justice and mental health services, crises intervention services and related fields.


Method of Delivery:  The training course is highly interactive, even during presentations. It uses a wide variety of learning approaches including presentations, pairs and small group work exercises and self-assessment.  The course is also supported with free e-learning and further resources to re-cap, review and refresh learning. 

Course Length:  9.30-4.30


Course objectives: By the end of the course participants will have had opportunities to: 


  • Understand the key influences on personality development

  • Differentiate between mental health and personality disorder

  • Recognise the sub-types of personality disorders

  • Self-monitor the impact of working with personality disorder on their own wellbeing

  • Improve clients ability to experience distress intolerance


"The whole days was useful thanks.  Really liked the level of it-interesting & thorough-quite a lot to take in."

Deputy Manager, Community Support Services

"Amazing.  I loved every minute of it."

Student Social Worker on Placement

"Great use of the trainer's experience in delivering examples, extremely knowledgeable."

Community Wellbeing Manager

"Amazing.  Very informative."

Community Support Worker