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PROSPER: The Most Effective Prevention Program Ever?

A new drug and alcohol prevention program, PROSPER, has published its 6.5 years follow-up data. Based on the well designed and randomized methodology, it is showing significant results compared to other approaches. At the 6.5-year follow-up (end of 12th grade) it demonstrated community-wide reductions of 10-35% in illicit drug use initiation by youth who were non-users in 6th grade (prior to program delivery). It also achieved moderate reductions in substance use for the full sample – non-users and users (e.g., 14% lower likelihood of past-month cigarette use). Interestingly, delaying onset of drug and alcohol involvement, so predictive on subsequent using careers, was very compelling in this study.

To reading a Findings critical appraisal of the approach click here.

For the PROSPER homepage click here.

For the PROSPER blueprints click here

For an independent summary click here.

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