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Bosence Young Peoples Service: Case Study Up-Date

The Bosence Young Peoples programme has continued to develop and establish itself since its launch last September. The team at Bosence are the kind of workers that I am proud to work along side with their dedication, passion, warmth, openness and humour, along with the equally dedicated YZUP team in Cornwall.

I supported the project with the design of the treatment programme and training the excellent staff team. The programme structure pulls to together the state of the art research on young peoples complexity and adolescent development. This is expressed through a unique range of interventions that are designed to be 'sticky' helping young people retain the ideas long after they have left the programme. It covers neuroscience, development, values relationships and, interestingly, the Luck Lab. Research shows that luck exerts a huge influence over the paths young people will take in life. Based on clinical research, this module teaches young people how to get lucky in their life choices.

In designing new treatment approaches, you can only anticipate what the impact of the programme should look like. So when I get the data on treatment outcomes of a new service I am always deeply intrigued by peoples lived experience of it. A young person who recently completed the programme has kindly given permission to share his anonymous data and experience of the programme. Here is the comments by the professional who referred him to the service:

"I have witnessed the amazing transformation of a young person… client’s completion of the 13-week program was, I can say the most meaningful residential program I have ever seen."

Whilst the young person said:

"The knowledge that I gained whilst at Bosence is knowledge that I want to teach my future children and their future children after that as the information I obtained for the three months of my life I spent there would help anyone with not just drug problems but all sorts of problems in life get closer to where they would like to be."

To read the full case study, click here.

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