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Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention Programme

I am about to start work on a new programme with Bristol's Golden Key Project. Golden Key is an innovative and dynamic citywide partnership of people with experience of prison, homelessness, long-term mental health problems and drug and alcohol dependency, service providers, commissioners and city leaders. Led by Bristol charity, Second Step, and with an eight-year programme it is a unique opportunity to change the way services respond to people with complex and multiple needs and unlock services people so desperately need. As part of the Winter Pressures initiative I will be supporting the Suicide and Self Harm Programme linked in with Bristol's main hospitals A & E departments.

We will be looking to provide brief and long term interventions to a range of clients with complex needs. An excellent team has been appointed and we have begun to develop a treatment manual but will be looking to develop the treatment base. The programme will initially run until the end of June.

For more details on the Golden Key programme click here.

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