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Second Step-A Farewell

My contract with Second Step as Lead on Psychological Therapies has now officially come to an end. Second Step is a leading mental health housing service serving Bristol and local areas, often supporting the most complex clients with minimal resources. What attracted me to the post covering maternity was my previous experience of working with the Second Step teams. I always found them to be warm, dedicated and compassionate, even when trying to support the most difficult and and entrenched levels of need. My six months providing reflective practice sessions at the project only served to compound these feelings of respect for the teams.

During my time at the project I worked with a wide range of teams from housing and supported housing for complex needs, suicide prevention, volunteer services, health links, the reception teams, night staff and managers. The work we did was a times intense, personal, honest and sincere. Whilst I did not get to say farewell to everyone, I will really value the times we shared. Thank you for sharing so much, making me think so hard and reminding of the humanity that drives our field. I wish all the best for the future.

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