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How to Hallucinate (Without Drugs)

I felt I could reach through the screen to get to another place.

Lasers became entire fans of light sweeping around, and then it felt as if the screen began to expand.

I saw old stone buildings … like a castle … I was flying above it.

This is an amazing optical illusion called the Ganzflicker. We like to think we continuously stream reality into our brains but we don't. Information comes into our brains more like chucks of information which the brain links together into what to us, appears like a steady flow of information. The Ganzflicker is a flashing screen that interrupts this process and thus induces hallucinations. People report a wide variety of hallucinations after staring at the flickering screen for 10 minutes in darkness. However, some experience no hallucinations at all. This is a short term effect and causes no lasting changes to your brain. However, it is not advisable for people with a history of epilepsy, or certain types of brain injury to partake in the illusion. If you want to hallucinate without the drugs, you can take the Ganzflicker test here:

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