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Training Courses

Training combines the latest research findings with direct, practical skills proven to support people through change.  A detailed course pack is provided to each participant to:

  • Support retention of learning

  • A 'next steps' guide to implementing the skills

  • Further recommended reading

  • Free E-Learning support materials on this website (Click here)

  • Free supporting videos on this website (Click here)

Training is delivered in partnership with the Training Exchange.  Please click on Training Exchange for:


  • Full Open Programme course details

  • Booking and planning in-house courses

  • Booking on forthcoming Open Programme events

  • Feedback from previous participants

  • Pricing and quotes

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All training is delivered at standard training day rates.  These may be adjusted to include:

  • Overnight stay

  • Train travel outside of Bristol

  • Discount on block bookings


Drugs and Alcohol Courses

Addiction, Dependence & Recovery (1 Day):  This course provides:


-drug awareness including legal highs

-understanding addiction and physical dependence

-how to support the change process

-how to promote recovery

Relapse Prevention & Recovery  (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-defines the three critical stages of recovery

-provides a wide range of coping strategies in early recovery

-tools to assess the clients risk profile

-develop self-belief to overcome risk situations

-how to build a recovery environment

-provides relapse management interventions

Controlled Drinking Skills  (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-how to assess for suitabililty for controlled drinking

-set daily and special occasion drinking goals

-provide a range of moderation skills

-identify and respond to typical over-drinking situations

-identify and respond to complex over-drinking situations

-monitor progress and review viability of controlled drinking goals

Housing Courses

Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-what is PIE?

-understanding the 5 core principles of PIE approach

-applying elastic tolerance

-assessing current services against PIE philosophy

-agreeing and developing PIE strategies

Young People and Families

Working with Young People with Complex Needs  (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-understanding adolescent development

-major mental health disorders for young people

-how adolescent problems cluster

-evolution of complexity in young people

-screening for complexity in young people

-providing a range of intervention for young people with complex needs

Understand and Responding to Adolescent Neglect (1 or 2 Day):  This course provides:

-understanding adolescent development

-factors associated with adolescent neglect

-how the four sources of neglect impact on development

-identifying and mediate at risk youth

-identifying serious neglect

Working with Young People & Substance Abuse  (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-understanding adolescent development

-evolution of young peoples substance use

-how adolescent substance differs from adults

-evolution of complexity in young people

-screening for substance abuse issues in young people in young people

-providing a range of interventions for young substance users

Working with Concerned Others  (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:


-how to assess concerned others needs

-how families and friends can motivate unmotivated drug and alcohol users into treatment

-provide a range of strategies to facilitate treatment entry

-reduce their own stresses

-improve their quality of life

Mental Health

Dual Diagnosis (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:


-understanding how substance use and mental health interact

-major mental health and personality disorders

-mental health problems caused by substance use

-how to build and sustain alliances with dual diagnosis clients

-addressing immunity to change

-key symptom management strategies

Introduction to Mental Health (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-major mental health disorders

-understanding personality disorders

-understanding diagnosis

-neuroscience of mental health disorders

-practical treatment interventions for a variety of disorders

Personality Disorder (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-understanding personality

-understanding diagnosis

-major personality disorders

-managing well being in the staff teams

-practical treatment interventions for personality disorder

Practical Management of PTSD  (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-understanding how the brain processes trauma

-define the relationship between Acute Stress Disorder, PTSD and Complex PTSD

-reduce the clients emotional distress

-provide a range of symptom management techniques

-reduce survivor guilt

-develop relapse management plans

Specific Treatment Interventions

Motivational Interviewing (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-working with pre-contemplative clients

-key drivers of motivation for change

-the role of relationships factors in motivational interviewing

-reflective listening

-rolling with resistance

-4 phases of motivational interviewing

Solution Focussed Therapy (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-understanding the core assumption of solution focused and strengths based approaches

-alliance factors in solution focused work

-readiness for change in solution focused therapy

-the 5 core skills in solution focused therapy

-in between session change

-scaling and working with involuntary clients

Effective Assessment and Case Management (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-understanding core functions of screening, assessment and case management

-identify relevant factors at assessment

-atypical responses at assessment 

-key skills in effective goal setting

-improving referal processes

Working with Treatment Resistant Clients (1 or 2 Day): This course provides:

-understanding the three central sources of resistance

-respond to resistance in stuck clients

-dealing with resistance even when change is desired

-develop new communication skills that by pass resistance

-review resistance that emerges from practice 

-monitor and respond to rupture in working alliances

Examples of Training Packs

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Examples of Training Participants
  • EDP
  • BDP
  • Turning Point
  • AMPS Teams
  • Child Protection Boards
  • Addaction
  • Lifeline
  • Plymouth Harbour
  • GDAS
  • Probation
  • Emirates Airlines
  • YOI Ashfields
  • HMP Full Sutton
  • HMP Send
  • HMP Downview
  • HMP Earlestocke
  • HMP Huntercoombe

Conferences, Symposiums & Seminars


I have spoken at over 30 conferences, seminars and symposiums.  These include:

  • National Steering Group on Adolescent Mental Health, Royal College of GPs

  • National Substance Misuse Conference, Royal College of GPs

  • UKESAD, London

  • Welsh National DIP Conference, Carmarthen

  • AMPS Regional Conference, Devon

  • Reach Out Families Conference, Bristol

  • Protecting Vulnerable Young People and Risk, Edinburgh

  • ADFAM Concerned Other Symposium, London

  • Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham

If you would like me to speak at a conference, seminar or symposium, please contact me directly.